Marine Repair

ManpowerA welder repairs the hull of a vessel at the Tubal Cain Marine Services dry dock facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

  • 135+ employees
  • Two Shifts
  • 24 hr. service available
  • USCG / ABS certified welders

Dry Docks – barge and boat capabilities

  • Tubal-Cain Marine has two Dry Docks capable of Dry Docking vessels up to 2,800 tons
  • DD #13 – 220 foot in length, 70 foot breadth
  • Miss Jenna – 160 foot in length, 60 foot breadth


  •  Three (3) Manitowoc Tower Cranes up to 200’ reach & maximum capacity of 8 tons
  • Certified crane operators and crane service available 24/7

Transfer System – ability to transfer vessels to land for big jobsAir Bag Transfer Technology on the ground in front of a barge.

  • Tubal-Cain Marine utilizes “Air Bag Transfer” technology which allows for up to three barges to be transferred to land for major repairs

Blast/Paint Capabilities

  • TCEQ permitted for Blasting and Painting at 3 dockside and 1 land based location

Quick repair

  • USCG annual inspections, SIRE inspections, preventative maintenance & topside dock prepping

Accessibility – location, location

  • 1200+ feet of waterfront docking area
  • Located at MM 278 at the Old River Cut entrance to Beans West Fleet

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